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Pricing structure

Vemente provides its services for a fixed cost per transaction. Thus its easier for companies, to calculate the amount they can save by using Vemente. Costs for unique customizations and integration besides the basic implementation will be charged by effort, but only so much that the costs are covered.

Master vendor serviceOne-time-use Credit Cardspecial Customization / Integration
Price2.5% of payment5% of payment , for Payments under 150$ its a fixed cost of 5$Based on complexity and time

Example 1 (Master vendor service):

You want to order a service from company XY for 7’500$. Vemente will act as a master vendor for this transaction and take 2.5% of the total. The total amount charged to you would be 7’687.5$

Example 2 (One-time-use credit Card):

The team needs a part from an online shop that only accepts payments by credit card. The part costs 27.5$. As soon as the PO is sent to Vemente, the checkout of the part starts. In addition to the part costs, the online shop charges 10$ for shipment. The total price for Vemente is 37.5$, which is below 150$, so Vemente charges a fixed 5$ for the service. In total, 42.5$ are invoiced to the team.