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About Us

Our Story

Working together as engineers in a medical company, the founders of Vemente were motivated to make an impact. But with time came the realization that this is a challenging goal to accomplish. Time after time, they were under pressure to perform, but sometimes couldn’t do it because of the time-consuming and difficult buying process for new vendors.

Not only they felt that way, but many engineers and scientists in that company felt the same way. At first, we thought this problem was limited to the company we work in, but we soon realized that this is something many large companies are battling. And so the journey of Vemente began a system that empowers the people to take action by improving the procurement companies.

We are driven by values

Procurement is a strict process that doesn’t allow for errors. Additionally, the process must adhere to many rules to be fully compliant. The delicate task for Vemente is to meet these conditions while improving the experience for the buyers. We feel competent in doing so and thus obtained the trust of many companies.