All-in-one Tail-spend solution

Tail-spend simplified

Vemente makes your tail-spend simpler, more efficient and easier to manage

Why Vemente?

Optimize your procurement, without a complex setup

Using AI and automated processes, Vemente is able to achieve high effectiveness.

How we simplify your Tail-spend

Revolutionary single-use credit cards

Vemente is the first to bring a revolutionary service to the market, with single-use virtual credit cards for businesses. For each requisition the user receives a unique, one-time-use card number, to pay for goods or services. 

These card numbers are valid only for the specific transaction and cannot be reused, making it inherently safe and easy to manage.

  • Stop unauthorized usage of credit cards
  • No more credit-card setups for each employee
  • Eliminate management of individual credit-cards
  • Enhance control and compliance
  • AI enhanced fraud prevention


Credit-card or bank transfer - it's your choice

Whether you need to make a payment using a credit card or a bank transfer, Vemente has you covered. Our platform ensures that you can order securely and efficiently, regardless of the transaction method.

Make oversight and efficiency compatible

Vemente bridges the gap between oversight and efficiency by allowing your critical departments to order with less hurdles, without compromising compliance and oversight. This is possible through our oversight tools and streamlined processes.

Easy Integration

Setting up Vemente is as simple as adding a new vendor to your system. There’s no need for complex IT processes. Just include Vemente as a vendor, and you can immediately benefit from our services.

For enhanced functionality and efficiency, we provide additional automation features like SSO login and ERP integration. Our sales team is available to assist in estimating the integration effort for these enhancements.